Tickets preliminary round

Admission apx. 13:30 – 14:00
Ticketprice preliminary round 15€ - free seating - no seat reservation!!
(Except for the VIP Area, VIP seats are already usable in the afternoon event)

Combination tickets including the main event

Ticketprice main event (reserved seat)
+ 10 € surcharge for preliminary round-tickets

Tickets main event

Admission apx. 18:30 – Start 19:30

Sector D 25€
Sector C 35€
Sector B 55€
Sector A 75€ ---sold out---
VIP Sector B 95€

incl. 1 glass of champagne, programme and gala menu

VIP Sector A 120€

incl. 1 glass of champagne, programme and gala menu (at a minimum of 4 tickets: 1 VIP parking space directly below the hall incl.)

Wheelchair bays

Preliminary round 10€
Main event 25€
Combination ticket 30€


Rooms from 25€ per person and night
Breakfast included

The confirmation of the ordered tickets and the reserved seats will be sent after receipt of payment. The confirmation can be traded in for tickets on the day of the event starting at 1PM at the tickets-desks. If you want to receive the tickets beforehand: € 15.- one time for shipping and cash on delivery-fees.